Course Syllabus

Course Description


This self-directed training is designed to guide the student through the academic experience of taking an online course. The general goal is to get the student to know the functions offered by Canvas (LMS), the online learning platform for distance education used by the institution. Every participant is expected to be able to use this tool and thereby enrich university experience. The content will guide the participant in providing adequate strategies to establish both synchronous and asynchronous communications through the platform, as well as submit tasks and take tests. The participants are expected to participate without any difficulty in the activities designed by the university community.

Learning Objectives Syllabus


  1. Identify the skills and technological requirements needed to participate in an online course.
  2. Learn which plugins available on the web should be downloaded for optimum computer and platform (LMS) performance.
  3. Identify links and hypertexts in the online course that lead to new content or different activities.
  4. Learn how to download and submit files through the platform.
  5. Interact with the online learning platform used by the institution.
  6. Identify the key components of DAVE courses.
  7. Identify the tools for both synchronous and asynchronous communications offered by Canvas.
  8. Learn the method used by the platform to submit tasks and take tests.

Evaluation Criteria


Groups % Activity Intro Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 TOTAL

Comprehension Test

100% N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


Final Grade 100%

Course Summary:

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